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Artificial Fields

Costs for initial installation, maintenance and replacement are significantly higher for artificial turf fields than for natural grass fields.

Cost: The cost to construct an artificial turf field can range from $750,000 to over two million dollars depending on size, materials and base construction. The installation of a new field can require extensive site development for proper surface stability, long-term wear and drainage. 

Maintenance: Maintenance costs include regular cleaning and disinfecting, anti-static and flame retardant chemical applications, painting, brushing, infill replacement, seam repair and surface cooling with special water cannon equipment. Estimates for annual maintenance costs vary widely, depending on the source, from $35,000 to over $100,000.

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Life Expectancy: Compaction and worn fibers in artificial turf fields necessitate replacement fields every 8 to 12 years or less depending on usage.


Body Spills: Blood, urine and vomit must be manually removed and the synthetic carpet cleaned by maintenance staff using disinfectants (pesticides). Manufacturers recommend cleaning after every sporting event.


Temperature: Artificial turf fields, especially those using tire crumb for infill, can become superheated to temperatures from 120 to 180 degrees F.  Playing on artificial turf during extreme heat can melt athletic shoes, cause blisters on hands and feet and induce heatstroke and dehydration.


Environmental Impact: Artificial turf surfaces can negatively impact the environment. See our page on Environment.

Disposal: The cost to remove and dispose of the old field and replace the carpet and infill is approximately $500,000 assuming the base remains in good condition. 

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